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A New Way
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Gill™ Mask is designed in biocompatible soft silicone to prevent facial bruising, chafing or irritation, while the adjustable strap system takes pressure off the ears and provides a comfortable fit for longer wear.

Contouring Seal

Developed using 3D technology, soft silicone conforms to face contours to prevent any gaps, and the fail-safe filter cartridge acts as a lock to provide constant pressure to ensure an air-tight seal.


Wearable and reusable, Gill™ Mask can be used up to two years, after which the silicone and plastic components can be recycled. Gill™ Mask uses less raw filter than conventional face mask and can extend the life of a single surgical mask filter by six times.

Dr. Steve Nguyen, H.B.Sc., D.M.D., The Airport Dental Care, Ontario, Canada

"In our practices, we have always used the standard surgical mask with the ASTM3 designation. This level of filtration is at the level of N95 but without the fit capabilities. We understand that a close fit makes all the difference! When you try Gill™ Mask, you will instantly appreciate that it is the best fitting mask that you have ever worn in your years of practice with surgical masks. In my opinion, the fit and seal will speak for itself."



"Instead of setting up another mask manufacturing facility, it designed a reusable respirator that can extend the use of a surgical mask by up to six times."

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"The Gill Mask is made of a soft and biocompatible silicone formed in a shape that allows the contour of the human face sealed very well while being comfortable."

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"......And unlike surgical masks, the Gill Mask's filter does not touch the user's nose or mouth, reducing the amount of moisture that it comes in contact with......"

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