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A New Way
To Breathe.

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Introducing Gill™ Mask

About Gill™ Mask

Gill™ Mask brings an innovative approach to extending filter supplies by up to six times! Crafted from premium medical grade silicone and antimicrobial plastics, Gill™ Mask is a reusable respirator that is comfortable enough for extended use. An adjustable strap system allows you to find the perfect fit.

As it can be reused multiple times and uses lesser filter material than traditional masks, it reduces generation of waste. Additionally, the silicon material is eco-friendly and the mask itself is recyclable.

Why Gill™ Mask

  • Protection. Being a respirator, it offers the wearer equivalent protection to N95 mask or surgical mask depending on the filter chosen. Learn more about our filters here.
  • Better Fit and Comfort. Unlike disposable filtering face piece respirators (FFRs), its silicone body conforms to the face providing a tight fit while being comfortable enough to wear for longer time periods.
  • Up to 80% cost savings. Gill™ Mask is reusable and you will only need to replace the filter of your choice. Each filter piece  uses 1/8th the material as compared to traditional mask. Learn more here.
    Large Gill™ Mask, White (Filters not included)
    Large Gill™ Mask, Black (Filters Not Included)
    Regular Gill Mask, White (Filters not included)