Gill Mask Review – Mask That Uses Any Filter!

Gill Mask Review – Mask That Uses Any Filter!

Although reusable respirators do help us breathe cleaner air, they also result in a large amount of waste. Sure, they are better for the planet than disposable respirators, but many of them still need to be replaced every few months or less.

Gill Mask is one of the first masks that is seriously trying to combat the issue of waste. While some masks such as MeoAir masks take the approach of making biodegradable filters, Gill Mask takes the approach of making a mask that allows for the use of replaceable and very small filters. 

In a time such as the present, when masks are essential in many areas, the issue of mask waste is greater than ever before. Millions of masks are used every day, and few of them are environmentally friendly.

Gill Mask also has many more benefits though. This is a mask that allows you to use any other filter – reducing the issue of availability. It is also easily cleanable, well-fitting, and affordable.

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