Why I Chose Gill Mask for My Dental Practice

Why I Chose Gill Mask for My Dental Practice

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Dr. Steve (Viet) Nguyen DMD

The science is out there in regard to the filtering capacity of all masks as a result of the media used in their fabrication. As it stands today, the public has been encouraged to fabricate their own masks from various fabric materials and that is the accepted norm going around. For Healthcare we have to subscribe to a higher level!

In our practice, we have always used the standard surgical mask with the ASTM 3 designation. This level of filtration is at the level of the N95 but without the fit capabilities. We are well aware that an intimate fit makes all the difference! That being said there exist issues with the N95 as well as it comes to fit with the varied forms and shapes attributed to the Human Face, it’s definitely not one size fits all. Add to that the new reality that there exists substandard N95 mask product in circulation. Case in point, the Government of Canada recently had to reject 8 million masks from a sourced supplier for not meeting the national testing standards with similar outcomes in the United States.

So, with that in mind, give me a mask with a molding fit of silicone, not unlike a scuba mask, soft and comfortable, minimizing friction and irritation from prolonged use. Add to that the filter capacity of a minimum ASTM 3 level filtration media from an approved mask brand obtained from a trusted Dental Product Supplier. Paired with Face shield and eye protection and I’m set!

I’m sorry to say but it is the Wild Wild West out there, colleagues at area hospitals have sharing stories about rationing masks for healthcare practitioners on top of collecting used N95 respirators at the end of the day to be reprocessed for additional usage. Regulatory bodies are continuing to augment and modify requirements as the supply shortage evolves opening the door for respirators approved under standards set in other countries to be considered.


When you receive your product and have a chance to fit the mask to your face you will instantly appreciate that it is the best fitting mask that you have ever worn in your years of practice with surgical masks. You have to make the decision whether this will work for you in your own situation and in your own practice. In my opinion, the fit and seal will speak for itself.

Hope that provides you with some insight into my reasoning and decision to use the Gill Mask for myself and dental staff.

Dr. Steve (Viet) Nguyen, H.B.Sc., D.M.D is owner and clinical administrator of The Airport Dental Centre in Ontario Canada. He is a father, dentist, mechanic, forager, and human. Dr. Nguyen studied dentistry at Tufts University of Dental Medicine in Boston and is a Certified Qualitative Respirator Fit Tester (3M).

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