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We are often asked how Gill™ Mask is different from N95 respirators. What was once a common industrial Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), N95 respirators became the most sought-after masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Though both are designed as respirators to provide tight-seal protection with high airborne filtration performance, Gill™ Mask and N95 respirators differ in their comfort levels and their cost for long-term use.  What is a N95 respirator anyway? It is important to first understand what “N95” means. N95 is a term referring to the N95 filter class, which removes at least 95% of airborne particles using a “most-penetrating sized...


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The science is out there in regard to the filtering capacity of all masks as a result of the media used in their fabrication. As it stands today, the public has been encouraged to fabricate their own masks from various fabric materials and that is the accepted norm going around. For Healthcare we have to subscribe to a higher level! In our practice, we have always used the standard surgical mask with the ASTM 3 designation. This level of filtration is at the level of the N95 but without the fit capabilities. We are well aware that an intimate fit...