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Gill™ Mask reusable respirator is intended to protect healthcare professionals and patients, as well as other wearers, by reducing the spread of airborne contaminants when used with Gill™ Filters.

Comfortable and Protective

Made from soft biocompatible silicone facepiece that is friendly to the skin. It prevents skin bruising, chaffing, and irritation. The silicone facepiece contours to different facial features to ensure an air-tight seal.

Sustainable & Cost Savings for Long-Term Use

Compared to disposable respirators, Gill Mask is a cost-effective solution in the long-run as you will only need to change the filter instead of the whole mask after every use. When compared with an N95 respirator, user is able to save up to US$1,000 per annum.

Use Filter of Your Choice

Gill Mask allows you to choose between Gill Filter FP95 or Gill Filter FS2.

  • Gill Filter FS2 has BFE> 98% (equivalent to surgical mask).
  • Gill Filter FP95 has PFE >95% (equivalent to N95 respirator).


When using Gill Mask with Gill Filter FP95, it has the same protection as N95 respirator but with better comfort and fit.

Gill™ Mask Certification

Gill™ products are designed and manufactured by Gill Lab Pte Ltd, a medical device manufacturer that holds the ISO 13485: 2016 and EN ISO 13485: 2016 quality management system certificate (MD 739211), issued by the notifying body BSI Group (2797). Gill Lab received Class I Medical Device CE Mark registration for its products - Gill™ Mask, Gill™ Mask Pro, Gill™ Filter and Gill™ Filter Pro. The CE Mark registration confirms that Gill™ Mask, Gill™ Mask Pro, Gill™ Filter and Gill™ Filter Pro meet all the provisions of the EU Medical Devices Directive Council 93/42/EEC, Annex V11.


How To Wear Gill™ Mask


Using a tape measure, measure your face from the top bridge of your nose to your chin. Choose a size closest to your face measurement. View sizing chart here.


Place the Gill Filter FP95 (either side can be placed facing outward) or S2 (Blue side facing outward) and hold it in place.


Open the cover of the respirator, place the assembled cartridge into the cavity. Close the door tightly.


Pull the bottom strap over your head and position the respirator under your chin with the facepiece pointing up. Adjust accordingly. For complete instructions on How To Wear Gill Mask, learn more here.

2-in-1 GILL MASK

UPGRADE Gill™ Mask to Gill™ Mask PRO!

Gill™ Mask can be upgraded to Gill™ Mask PRO! Gill™ Mask and Gill™ Mask PRO share the same facepiece. An upgrade can be achieved by replacing the casing and cover. With the upgrade, you are able to interchange between Gill™ Mask and Gill™ Mask PRO depending on your needs and the environment you are in.


Gill™ Mask PRO offers a filter cartridge that has 2.5 times more filter surface area compared to Gill™ Mask. What that means is that the Gill™ Mask Pro offers higher breathability due to its enlarged filter area to allow more air flowing in and out.


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Gill™ Mask

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Gill™ Mask's Sizing

Gill Mask comes in three sizes. View sizing chart link below to get the right fit and measurement for your face.

How To Put On Gill™ Mask

Achieving the right fit for your respirator is important to ensure you are fully protected. Learn how to put on your Gill Mask.

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