Gill™ products are designed and manufactured by Gill Lab Pte Ltd, a medical device manufacturer that holds the ISO 13485: 2016 and EN ISO 13485: 2016 quality management system certificate (MD 739211), issued by the notifying body BSI Group (2797). Gill Lab received Class I Medical Device CE Mark registration for its products - Gill™ Mask, Gill™ Mask Pro, Gill™ Filter and Gill™ Filter Pro. The CE Mark registration confirms that Gill™ Mask, Gill™ Mask Pro, Gill™ Filter and Gill™ Filter Pro meet all the provisions of the EU Medical Devices Directive Council 93/42/EEC, Annex V11.

Quality Management System Certificate

Declaration of Conformity

Gill™ Filter FP95 and Gill™ Filter PRO P95 Test Report


Gill™ Mask, Gill™ Filter FP95, and Gill™ Filter FS2

Gill™ Mask PRO and Gill™ Filter PRO P95

For Professional Use

Gill™ Mask and Gill™ Mask Pro reusable respirator are designed with the aim to safeguard frontline worker and users from airborne contaminants. The durability of the respirator provides long-lasting protection, comfort, and cost-effectiveness.


White Paper - The Use of Gill™ Mask in Dentistry

Comparison between Gill™ Mask and N95 Respirator

Gill™ Mask Fit Testing

Gill™ Mask Autoclave Testing