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For Professional Use

Gill™ Mask is designed with the aim to safeguard frontline workers from haze, dust, bacteria and other airborne contaminants. The durability of the mask provides long-lasting protection, comfort and cost-effectiveness. Gill™ Mask also helps you to eliminate the concern of masks' fluctuating supply and price.

Gill™ Mask can help to protect,

  • Healthcare Professionals to prevent transmission of bacteria and virus.
  • Construction Workers and Front-line workers from dust, smoke or air-borne particles.
  • Individuals from air-borne contaminants.

Comfortable Fit

Made from bio-compatible soft silicone material that seals against face contours for comfortable and extended wear.

Flexible Filters Options

Interchangeable filter based on the level of protection required. (Eg, EN 149 FFP2/FFP3, NIOSH N95, GB2626 KN95, Surgical, etc.)

Cost Effective

Up to 3 to 10 times cheaper than disposal face mask or other respirators for a long-term use and cost savings.


Washable and reusable, Gill™ Mask is an eco-friendly mask for a sustainable solution to single-use disposable mask.


Gill™ Mask receives Class A Medical Registration from Health Sciences Authority of Singapore (HSA).

Gill™ Mask respirators are produce in ISO 13485 compliant medical-grade factories and certified as a personal protective equipment (PPE). Materials used to produce Gill™ Mask comply with the following FDA standards.

ISO 13485:2016  l    EN ISO 14971   l    EN ISO 14971:2012   l    EN ISO 15223-1:2016   l    EN ISO 10993-5:2009

Up to 80% cost-savings with Gill™ Mask

Gill™ Mask solution provides payback within one week as compared with N95 disposable respirator. Gill™ Mask is able to save you approximately US$850 a year per user!

Usage N95 Disposable Respirator* Gill™ Mask and Filter^
7 days (1 week)
US$3*x 7 days = US$21 
 US$6** + (US$0.30 x 7 days) = US$8
30 days (1 month)
US$3* x 30 days = US$90 

US$6** + (US$0.30 x 30 days) =

365 days (1 year)

US$3* x 365 days =

US$6** + (US$0.30 x 365 da ys)=

*current market  price of 3M 1860 mask.

** Average bulk market price


We are looking for distributors worldwide to grow our global footprints. Our aim is to pave the way towards a better and smarter mask to protect healthcare professionals, frontline workers and individuals with a better way to breathe.