Why Choose Gill™ Mask?

Benefits of Using Gill™ Mask:

1-High protective fit from biocompatible soft silicone that seals against face contours for comfortable and extended wear.
2-Flexible filter media options based on the level of protection required (EN 149 FFP2/FFP3, NIOSH N95, GB2626 KN95, surgical, etc).
3-Reusable and sustainable design, featuring long-lasting durability and low maintenance.
4-Reduces the dependency on fluctuating face mask supply chain with an option to manufacture filters locally.
5-A cost-effective and economical option, with use over time resulting in prices 3x – 10x cheaper than face masks and respirators.
6-A sustainable solution that uses 10 times less raw filter material, compared to disposable face masks.

Cost Benefit Analysis:

Gill™ Mask respirators provide payback on your investment within one week (as compared to N95 disposable respirators below), resulting in annual cost savings per user of over US $1400.