Gill™ Mask PRO

Gill™ Mask PRO is a reusable respirator that is designed to protect front liners from harmful airborne contaminants. It is comfortable, protective, and sustainable personal protective equipment for long-lasting use.




2.5 Times More Filter Surface Area

Gill Mask Pro offers 2.5 times more filter surface area than the original Gill Mask. This means Gill Mask Pro offers higher breathability due to its enlarged filter area to allow more air flowing in and out.  

Protective & Comfortable

The facepiece is made from soft biocompatible silicone that is friendly to the skin and it prevents skin bruising, chaffing, and irritation. The facepiece contours to different facial features to ensure air-tight seal.

Cost Savings & Sustainable

The smart cartridge system allows you to change the type of filter required depending on your needs and the environment you are in. It uses lesser filter material, making it a cost effective and sustainable solutions.

Designed for Gill™ Mask PRO

Gill™ Filter PRO

Gill™ Filter PRO is a single-use, non-sterile, disposable filter designed to be used with Gill™ Mask PRO reusable respirator.

FAQs for Gill™ Mask PRO

1. What does it contain in a Gill Mask PRO set?

Gill™ Mask PRO comes with,

- 1 unit of Gill™ Mask PRO reusable respirator

- 1 set of 3-piece Gill™ Filter PRO P95

- 1 user manual

2. What are the differences between Gill Mask PRO and Gill Mask ?

Gill™ Mask PRO is designed for medical professionals who want to protect themselves from airborne contaminants for longer period of time, and/or in the outdoor setting.

The first key difference between Gill™ Mask and Gill™ Mask PRO is in its filter/ cartridge design. Gill™ Mask PRO now offers a filter cartridge that has 2.5 times more filter surface area than original Gill™ Mask. What that means is that Gill™ Mask PRO offers higher breathability due to its enlarged filter area to allow more air flowing in and out.

Click here to find out more about the differences.

3. Can I retrofit Gill™ Filter PRO to my current Gill™ Mask?

The cover design of Gill™ Mask PRO is different from Gill™ Mask. We DO NOT recommend to use Gill™ Mask PRO filter and cartridges on Gill™ Mask as if will affect its performance.

We will be having a set of upgrade kit available for users to interchange the cover of their current Gill™ Mask to Gill™ Mask PRO. The upgrade kit will only be available later and the availability will only be announced on our website and social media platforms. You can register your interest at this link and we will inform you once it's available to order.

4. What colors and sizes does Gill Mask PRO comes in?

Gill™ Mask PRO will be available in White and Black. Gill™ Mask PRO only comes in Regular and Large size.

Do note Gill™ Mask PRO DO NOT come in small size.