At Gill Lab, we provide a new way to breathe.

Gill™ Mask is the first product developed under Gill™ Lab, founded in Singapore by partners Jean-Luc Fringeli, Veronica Chew, Cheong Siah Chong, Lim Eng Seng and Ken S.K. Chuang.

Gill™ Mask was the unexpected brainchild of engineering design firm Mdesign Solutions and industrial design firm TITO Associati. In August 2019, the Mdesign Solutions and TITO collaborated on a project to design snorkelling masks. Their resulting familiarity with facial contour features, user comfort and enhanced fit would later lead to the innovative design of Gill™ Mask.

During the COVID-19 surgical mask shortage in early 2020, medical suppliers were rushing to find or produce more surgical masks.  The Gill™ team decided to tackle the problem from a different angle to reduce surgical mask consumption and offer a more protective seal.  Inspired by snorkelling masks and the ability to breathe under water, the team used their expertise in designing medical devices and user experience to develop a safe, comfortable and sustainable respirator suitable for both professionals and the public.

Introduced in April 2020 as a safe, soft and sustainable solution, our respirator is now used by frontline workers and conscious consumers in Singapore and around the world.