Unauthorized Distributor Warning

Gill™ Mask products are sold worldwide through a network of authorized distributors selected by Gill Lab. These reputable distributors have been carefully chosen for their capability to represent Gill™ Mask. We make sure the distributors receive proper training from Gill Lab and have established network to serve our end-users.

Unfortunately, we have noticed an increase of unauthorized online reseller reselling Gill™ Mask products online. These unauthorized resellers procured Gill™ Mask from unverified sources and some even sell fake Gill™ Mask. Due to this nature, Gill™ Mask products sold by unauthorized distributors or resellers are not entitled to warranty coverage. Gill Lab provides warranty on Gill™ Mask products sold only by our authorized distributors.

We are putting in our best efforts to prohibit these resellers from selling Gill™ Mask products, but these practices may still exist. We urge you to use diligence when selecting a distributor to make your purchase. Here is the link to the list of our authorized distributors. If you have any doubts, please contact us at support@gillmask.com


Distribution at Amazon.sg and Lazada.sg


Gill™ Mask sells through the Amazon.sg and Lazada.sg platforms. No other distributors or resellers are authorized to sell through these channels. When you make a purchase of Gill™ Mask products, it is important to take note where the product is being "shipped from" and "sold by". Gill™ Mask products sold at these platforms should sold by Gill Lab.

If you would like to report a distributor or reseller that claims to be authorized or if you have any questions on your warranty, please email us at support@gillmask.com