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Gill™ Mask respirator has created the most user-friendly reusable respirator mask currently available in the market. We have modernised the design to ensure an efficient, high-protection, comfortable fit that provides long-lasting durability and requires less maintenance. With proper care, your Gill™ Mask can be reused again and again for up to two years. Gill™ Mask can be used with pre-cut Gill™ Filters or any filter material of your choice cut to fit the cartridge door.

Storage of Gill™ Mask

Gill™ Mask can be stored in any conditions. It is recommended to clean the mask thoroughly before using.


It is recommended that to clean and sanitize the Gill™ Mask before or after every use. Before cleaning the mask, remove and dispose the used filter from the cartridge.

For normal cleaning,

  • Clean the Gill™ Mask and the cartridge by,

a) Dipping the mask in warm water with cleaning solution (see Cleaning Solution); OR

b) Submerging the mask in boiling water for two (2) minutes.

  • Rinse the mask thoroughly with warm water.
  • Dry the mask with clean cloth or let it dry on a clean surface.

For thorough cleaning,

  • Use a bristle brush (not wire) to remove the dirt from the mask. You can disassemble the silicone face piece of the mask from the main casing to thoroughly clean the components before re-assembling the mask.

Cleaning Solutions

Gill™ Mask can be cleaned using mild detergent or disinfect using boiling water. The following is the alternative solutions to cleaning the mask,

  • Hypoclorite solution (50ppm of chlorine). Add approximately one millilitre of laundry bleach to one litre of warm water; OR
  • Aqueous solution of iodine (50ppm iodine). Add approximately 0.8 millilitres of tincture of iodine (6-8 grams ammonium and/or potassium iodide/100 cc of 45% alcohol) to one litre of warm water.

Gill™ Mask can also be cleaned using,

  • Alchohol wipe (70% alcohol v/v)
  • UVGI (0.5 - 1.8J/cm²
  • Vaporous Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP)
  • Autoclave (Rubber settings)


Gill™ Mask's materials are able to withstand temperature of 130°C without any damage. Deformation may occurred beyond this temperature.

The use of detergents or disinfectants used for cleaning Gill™ Mask may caused skin irritations.

Do not use the mask if any parts are torn or defective after cleaning.


Gill™ Mask is made from recyclable materials. Please consult your local authority for information regarding disposal and recycling.


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